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Exterior: OPIZ treat base on honest credit with suppliers, customers, and government agencies, organizations, and individuals.

Interior: Among employees, between the company and employees are in good faith for the standard, ideas and behaviors in good faith for the self-discipline of the standard.


Exterior: pursuing the harmonious of company and society. During the companies developing process, also concern common mission of social responsibility, the interests of the state, the earth's environment and public morality, make the company developing harmoniously with society.

Interior: pursuit harmonious of the employee's work and life relations, benefit of supervisor and employee, pays more attention to the harmony between education and employee benefits, the harmonious development between the career planning.


Via constantly strengthening the management and improving the technology to advance products quality, supplies the customer with high quality and service.


Any great career needs a gang of passion people to achieve. The innovation can be motivated employee’s career emotion. When OPIZ was established newly with Innovation lets us growing. When OPIZ are growing up with Innovation make us stronger; when OPIZ were strong with innovation lets us more excellent.

OPIZ would establish a fair and just stage for every one who agrees on the OPIZ core concept, every employee here would feel the humanization of works, and would even feel very happy of the motivity and achievement of work. This is a perfect harmonious!